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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plantation. THPlant. TDM.

This has got to be the worst week of the year with a heavy sell down of most stocks.
I've trimmed my holdings in IGB, Kfima, HSP, IJMP, IJM, IJM-wc. While all yielded profits, Kfima and HSP gave greatest gain of 27 and 20% respectively
Still like TDM and THP
THP share price surged recently from RM1.46 to RM2.28 and has since settled at RM1.94 Retracement FR 23.6% (RM2.09) FR 38.2% (RM1.97) FR 50% (RM1.87) FR 61.8% (RM1.78)
I think it will be well supported at RM1.87 level considering dividend DPS 8.5sen (8.5/187= 4.5%) due in April. PE is abt 14
TDM reverses from recent high of RM3.44 and is currently squatting at RM3.03
Retracement FR23.6% (RM3.10) FR38.2% (RM2.89) FR50% (RM2.73)
Should hold at spot price as DPS 13sen (13/303 =4.3%) due in April. PE is abt 9

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sanghani58 said...

k.fima is still good and you will surprise with the next quarter result.Nevertheless TDM and THP are also good stocks. Akk the thre ar fundamental stocks and not speculative.