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Monday, December 31, 2012

KONY 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Telco. Maxis.

Still like telco although they are going thru corrections.
Buy Maxis at RM 6.66 levels. If it slides further to 6.40 then double your purchase..!

Monday, October 1, 2012

CPO price continues to slide

Price of CPO plunges to USD 800.
And dive s further to USD 760 ( RM 2,330 )
IJM Plant shares price dips ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIGI. What's up.?

DIGI making big moves these few days, from 4.90 to 5.30 ...
There has been talk on capital repayment of putting RM509m + RM495m back into the shareholder's pocket but the exercise date has yet to be determined ..
Dividing the amount over 7,775m shares, that works out 6.5 sen + 6.4 sen

Coupled with the estimated regular dv of 6sen x 4 quarters = 24 sen, the whole thing amounts to 37 sen
Yield = 37 / 530 = 7 percent
Analysts are generally positive on DIGI growth prospect and earnings despite intense competition.

Let's watch other telcos ...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

CPO price reverses gain.

CPO price tumbled more than 4 % to USD 933 ( x 3.06 = RM 2,860 ) as Fed's stimulus rally fizzles ..
Watch out, plantation stocks ...

Share prices of TH Plant, Swk Plant, TDM, KLK and PPB weakening ..

Monday, September 10, 2012

Maybank. Johotin, Luxchem. Tomypak. Latexx

Some of the shares counters worth accumulating:

Maybank (nta 466, QQ 15.5/ 17.2/ 17.6/ 18.6sen ) Qeps improved slightly.
Announces Dv 32 sen going e. 20th Sept. Annual dv (32+36) / 915 = 7.4 % dv yield ..!

JohoTin (nta 157, QQ 3/ 0.3/ 10.2/ 5.2/ 7.5 sen) Qeps up.
Proposed rights issue with warrants

LuxChem (nta 100, QQ 4.6/ 4.3/ 3.9/ 4.9/ 4.4sen ) Qeps flat.
Annual Dv 9c/ price 126 = 7.1 % dv yield

TomyPak (nta 088, QQ 2.5/ 3.1/ 2.1/ 3.2 sen)
Annual dv 6.5c / price 100 = 6.5 % dv yield

Latexx (nta 123, QQ 7.9/ 5.2/ 0.4/ 3.7 sen)
Glovemaker with the lowest PE

Monday, September 3, 2012

GenM. HS Plant. Maxis. TM. MWE.

GenM (nta 226, Q/Q 5.5/ 6.1// 6.2/ 4.8/ 8.8sen latest) Qeps improved.
Share price surged from RM3.30 to 3.53 last week. Dv 3.8 sen going ex. on 26th Sept

HS Plant (nta 234, QQ 9.5/ 8.3/ 6.6// 5.4/ 3.9 sen) Qeps of plantation companies generally weak
Dv 6 sen going ex. 12th Sept

Maxis (nta 098, QQ 7.3/ 7.2/ 12/ 7.6/ 6.2 sen) Latest Qeps declined
Announced Dv 8 sen ex. on 12th Sept

TM (nta 234, QQ 9.5/ 8.3/ 16.7/ 7/ 9.7 ) Latest Qeps improved on HSBB Unifi
Dv 9.8 sen going ex. 12th Sept

MWE (nta 211, QQ 5.3/ 5.4/ 4.8/ 5.1/ 5.1sen) Qeps flat
Dv 6 sen ex. 5th Sept

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012


Friday, August 17, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Telcos. Digi. Maxis.

Looks like there's no stopping Digi as its share prices continue to edge up in the month of August. After a two weeks climb from RM4.50 at the beginning of the month,  the share settled at RM5.00 per piece with a gain of 50 sen or  more than 11 percent.
I'm amazed by the ascent : in such a rapid movement of almost 1 percent per day session that I quickly accumulated Digi shares, almost daily ...

What if you have missed out on this mini rally in Digi ..?
Buy some now but be prepared to average down if market turns against you ...

Maxis share prices made similar decent gain of 40 sen ( more than 6 percent <= 6.80/ 6.40) in the same two weeks period ... Phew I was right about this one when I asked some friends to buy at RM6.30 - 6.40 range and hold ...
Maxis is expected to announce its earning next week. If earnings improved with another 8 sen dividend, then watch it surpass RM 7.00 mark. Else share price may tumble.
And that's when we will be picking the shares again ...

Watch other telcos : TM and Axiata ...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

CPO prices tumbles. MYRinggit strengthen.

With weak crude palm oil price at about US 920 and weak USD against Ringgit, avoid buying plantation shares this few days. Unless of course the share prices plunges, like when TDM plantation earning was announced last week.

IJMP and HSP share prices stll holding well but others like J Tiasa, TaAnn have come off.
Buy only on deep discount to trade ...

If MYR continues to strengthen, it will also downgrades the earnings of the glovemakers who repatriates the earnings to Ringgit

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buy. Hap Seng Plantation

What's HS Plant doing at RM 3.00 while IJM Plant is hovering at RM 3.60 ..?

HSP (nta 230, QQ 9.5/ 8.3/ 6.6/ 5.4sen)
Fv = RM2.40 @ PE 10 based on last two Qeps
Currently trading approx. at RM 3.00 w/ pe 12.5
Dividend 10 sen x 2 = 20 sen for 2011
Declaring dividend in mid August

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Profitable Trading Ideas : Short term

A few counters to trade for profits:
1) Johotin
2) Tomypak
3) Luxchem
4) Latexx

Monday, July 30, 2012

From Farm to Fridge

Yikes. Can't believe this is happening ...

Buy. Maxis. GenM.

Maxis (nta 108, QQeps 7.3/ 7.2/ 12/ 7.6 sen) share price tumbled to RM6.30 after report of AK disposal of 5% stake in the company..
While it's not cheap with PE of 18, its dividend yield is very attractive at 6.4 %
For those who have missed out buying while it was RM 5.70 on Feb 7th, now is the time to buy some and hold for a year or two... This stock is especially for those who're thinking about investing in unit trust or buying into dividend yielding stocks..

Buy at 3 levels: RM 6.30/ RM 6.00/ RM 5.70
Don't worry too much about the downside, I repeat from my Feb 7th posting, the 40 sen dividend will bring your staggered buying cost to RM 5.90/ RM 5.60/ RM5.30 after one year..
Its lowest since IPO is approx RM 5.20

If you're using Maxis as your cellphone carrier or 3G, you should buy own some Maxis shares.
I asked friends who use Maxis mobile to own some shares and earn some dividend. To pay for their bills as it's a win-win scenario..
Same for those who uses DIGI, buy the Digi shares and earn the dividend to pay the bills. Sane logic, if you're supporting the business why not own part of it...?

I've been right about buying DIGI with TM all the way from RM 3.30 to 4.00 (TM currently about RM6.00 per share).
Telco share prices are usually slow moving but they do trend up. I can't guarantee Maxis will fly like TM or DIGI but over the long term, it's not possible to lose money on this one.
By the way, if you fancy regional telco try my favourites ; Singtel and Telstra ...

GenM (223, QQeps 5.5/ 6.1/ 6.2/ 4.8sen) trading around RM 3.30 with PE of 15
With more than RM 1 billion profit every year, it has plenty of cash in its coffer either to do acquisition, RPT (unfavorable) or reward its shareholder (maybe generously on one fine day.!)..
Why would I buy..?
It's the profitability, earnings predictability and gaming assets in the UK that interest me...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Very Basics of Good Company

What companies interest Remnant the most ..?
1. Earnings stability (or predictability)
2. Dividends ( or growth )
In summary, companies that are profitable and rewards its shareholders with growth or dividends

Two very basic criteria of good companies:
1). Companies whose earnings are positively stable or predictable...
It's wonderful to have companies making profits quarter after quarter and year after year
growing and adding to its cash pile
2). Companies who will use its profits/ cash to grow/expand its business ( capital expenditures or capex ) and whenever not possible, reward its shareholders with the cash as dividend..
It's great to know that the company that you've invested in is on a growth trajectory.
Yet when that is not possible, it's nice to know that they will be generous enough to pass it on to their shareholders ...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life on the Back Street

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Hap Seng. MHC Plantation.

Hap Seng Cons (nta 150, Q/Q 4.8/ 4.4/ 5.1/ 3.9) declared a 1st interim dividend of 4.5 sen tax exempted gong ex. 23rd July ... Div yield abt 5 percent ...

MHC (nta 200, Q/Q eps 6.4/ 6.1/ 4.7/ 3.8) announced bonus issue of shares with free warrants on the basis of 2 for every 5 existing, going ex. on 23rd July. Shares price surged from RM 1.88 to RM 2.08 with a gain of 10 percent ...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Plantations. It's time to accumulate

It's time to hand-pick plantations shares.
It's not cheap yet not too expensive.
Pick your favourites or the ones you're familiar with the price action ...
Happy trading ...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Final Moments of Life

TAOYUAN, Taiwan (AP) - The photographer gingerly places a small, mixed-breed puppy on a platform in his make-shift studio at an animal shelter in northern Taiwan. The dog looks about 2 months old, with alert, trusting eyes and a shiny black coat.
Mr Tou Chih-kang captures expressions, personality. He creates the kind of photos that any pet owner would love to have.
This puppy has no owner and will not get one. Once its photo shoot is over, it will be taken away by vets to be put down.
Mr Tou has been recording the last moments of canines at the Taoyuan Animal Shelter for two years. He has captured the images of some 400 dogs, most of which were pets abandoned by their owners. To him the work is distressing, but he's trying to spread a message of responsibility.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Felda Global Ventures. Heard on the streets

By Cynthia Koons and Duncan Mavin
Young palm oil trees can be about three-feet tall with bunches of leafy palms sticking out on top. It's not easy for them to sneak up on you. Yet at Malaysia's state-run plantation company Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd. (5222.KU), the cost of planting trees was partly to blame for a surprising drop of about 50% in first quarter net profit.

The timing of such bad news is disconcerting given Felda's just raised $3.1 billion in the world's second largest initial public offering this year after Facebook Inc.'s (FB) ill-fated share listing. The profit slip marks a sharp contrast from the IPO prospectus, which promoted the group's expertise as the world's third-largest palm oil plantation operator in the world. Underwriters also talked up demand, citing a 4.2% rise this year in global consumption of edible oil and fats--one of palm oil's main uses. That hasn't meant much for Felda so far. First quarter revenue barely budged, rising just 1.8% from last year.

There can be few excuses for such poor foresight. A plantation company should know how much it costs to plant trees. Felda also said it had to pay a higher-than-expected price for crude palm oil. But given that's their business, it's hard to see how they couldn't have anticipated this sooner.

There's another reason to question Felda's growth story. The group's trees are older than competitors' on average, which makes them lower yielding. That explains why they're planting new ones.

Tuesday's profit drop raises questions about Felda's credibility at a critical time too. The company's shares will debut on the Malaysian stock exchange two days from now. They priced near the top of the range the company had been looking for, defying a tough market for IPOs globally, Felda sold its deal thanks to abundant demand from institutional buyers. But they won't hang around if the company keeps delivering unwanted surprises.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

More liquidity lifted global stocks & commodities

Rumours of more liquidity into the markets by major central banks  after the Greek election  lifted equities and commodities..
Aussie dollar broke above parity trading today at 1.002
Gold held onto its gain to trade at USD 1625 on speculation that the FOMC meet next week will bring QE on the table ...

However price of CPO fell further to USD 855 ...

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plantation. Golden Agri

Golden Agri 3 months share prices fell from 80 SG cents to 60 cents ...

CPO prices fell to USD 930. Malaysian planters share prices to falter in days to come ..?

Gold dives on BB's testimony bf. JEC

 Gold in USD plunges after Bernanke's testimony indicates no plans for immediate stimulus although Fed is ready to take action if financial troubles escalate.
Gold drop from 1625 to 1585, shedding 40 dollars
Gold in AUD dived from 1630 to 1595 ..

AUD lost half a US cent from 99.8 to 99.3
Since Monday 4th Jun, it has spiked from 96.3 gaining 3 cents on less than expected interest rate cut of 0.25 percent and better GDP numbers ...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Impending Impact on AUD & USD. Gold @ 1620

RBA to fix cash/interest rate, Tues 5th 12.30pm followed by announcement of employment change and unemployment rate the following day at 9.30am

US jobless claims report is due out on Thurs 7th at 8.30pm followed by B Bernanke's testimony on the economic outlook and policy.
FOMC will meet on 19th June and make a statement on Thurs 21st ..

Greek parliamentary election is on Sun 17th June.
Gold hovering at 1620 USD.
Don't buy yet: wait for it to dip 1555 - 1575 level ...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gold goes ballistic. USD climbs.

Gold goes ballistic with an almost 4 percent gain to reach 1626 USD.
 US job data for May indicates addition of 69 k instead of the expected 158 k, prompting traders to bet on additional QE (which is positive for gold) when operation Twist ends in June ...
Gold trades for 1677 Aussie dollars 
Meanwhile commodities index CRB continues to slide to 268 on China slowing growth
USD climbs slowly from 3 Ringgit in March to touch  RM 3.20
Will it rise to 2009 high of RM 3.6 ..??
CPO fell below USD 1000; at 941

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly Gold in Aussie and US dollars

 Gold sells between 1580 to 1540 US dollars
Current spot 1560


Aud trades between 99 to 97 US cents
Current spot 97.3 US cents

Gold sells between 1610 to 1580 Aussie dollars
Current spot 1600
Get more when you sell your gold in AUD
It also means it takes more to buy gold in AUD


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gold. HSP. HSC. Unico. Boustead. GenP. KLK. IJMP

Gold chart shows weekly range between recent low of 1540 to high of 1600 .. Xau sells for 1580 USD today ...
Immediate resistances 1582, 1588, 1593
supports 1570, 1565, 1558

Poor earnings continue to afflict planters:
Hap Seng Plant (nta 250. Q/Q 7.2/ 9.5/ 8.5/ 6.6/ 5.4 sen) Latest Qeps declined almost 20 percent from previous ..
Hap Seng Cons (nta 150, QQ 4.8/ 4.4/ 5.1/ 3.9 sen) Latest Qeps plunged 25 percent
Unico (nta 96, QQ 1.5/ 2.6/ 2.2/ 2.1/ 1.8 sen) Latest Qeps slid 15 percent
Boustead (nta 443, QQ 11.9/ 19.7/ 12.9/ 18.6/ 14 sen) Earnings dropped 25 percent
Gent Plant (nta 430, QQ 12.4/ 18.4/ 15.0/ 12.4/ 10.4sen) Qeps down by 16 percent
KLK Plant (nta 658. QQ 35/ 40/ 43/ 32/ 20sen) Qeps tumbled by 40 percent
IJM Plant (nta 173, QQ 3.2/ 6.2/ 5.9/ 6.7/ 0.9 sen) Qeps dive by 80 percent
Fancy this : Impala Platinum

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gold to test 1600 USD next week

Gold weekly range between 1540 to 1600 USD ... Time to get physical if ever it dips again ... In fact, it's good opportunity to accumulate now ...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Plantation poor earnings.TSH.TDM.SOP.TWSP.

TSH (nta 104, Q/Qeps 5.8/ 8.8/ 8.4/ 3.2/ 1.8 sen) Latest Qeps fell about 45 percent from previous.
TDM (nta 496, Q/Q 12.7/ 13.9/ 21.9/ 18.7/ 7.5 sen) Latest Qeps slid 60 percent from previous
SOP (nta 289, Q/Q 12.8/ 15.9/ 17.3/ 9.9/ 9.1 sen) Latest Qeps flat cf. to previous
TWSP (nta 343, Q/Q 7.7/ 14.3/ 13.7/ 15.8/ 0.7 sen) Latest Qeps 0.7 sen cf. 15.8 sen ..!
You be the judge of what's becoming of the earnings of plantation companies ...

HSP and IOI are to release its earnings pretty soon, while KLK, Sime and IJMP will do so before month ends. It would be interesting to see how they fare ...

Meanwhile, take a look at Golden Agri Plantation two years chart. Shares price currently is at 64 cents compared to Sept 2011 plunge below 60 cents ...
Take another look at Wilmar two years chart. Share price plunging to 38 cents after recent reports show a huge loss in company earnings ... This looks like a good entry point to accumulate ... Techinical chartist, please please give me a clue ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Commodities continue to drift lower ...

Gold seen drifting to 6, 9, 12 months low at 1535 USD. It has broken the long term rising support trendline at 1600 and is seen for the 3rd time attempting to break below the 1510 level .. Gold has since lost 8 percent since the beginning of May from 1660 level ..  

Aussie dollar exhibits similar pattern as it slides below parity, buying just 99 US cents .. Aussie has since fallen 8 percent from recent high ...  Both the Aussie and Gold are oversold ...
CRB index falling below October and December 2011 low of 294 ..
When you look at all these, it sure makes you wonder how come the Malaysian commodities prices, currencies and stocks have not corrected accordingly ..?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

蘋果日報 - 20120428 - 直擊吉林殺狗 製醬料狗肉即食麪 震驚國際 舉世譴責

Go to and please do the needful .. Need your support, guys ...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Commodities headed for violent correction again ..?

Gold plunges big time- from USD 1638 to 1580, a drop of 3.7 percent on renewed fears of Euro crises ( Greece political uncertainty, Spanish banks frailty, France new president fight against austerity) gripped investors ...This is bad news for gold investors as gold broke the uptrend line at 1620 ... And it could get even cheaper as gold struggles to find support ... < Er, good news for those aiming to buy gold at super low price with our strong Ringgit.  >
Commodity currency Aussie dollar continues to dive towards parity with the US dollar after federal government posted a budget surplus, signalling further rates cut may be on the table. Just a week ago RBA have knife cash/interest rate by 0.5 percent to 3.7           < Good for those funding kids studying  in Australia.  >
CRB over one year period showing the index falling from last year July highest to October lowest. Index seen sliding from recent high in March to current low ... Game over for commodities and its currencies ..? Are these the things to come for the Malaysian stocks market, cash interest rate cuts and its currency Ringgit .? I would have to say, YES, in the right sense of mind ...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Golden Agri Plantation

Share prices sliding

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Friday, May 4, 2012

RBA cuts growth outlook as economy softens

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut its growth and inflation forecasts as non-mining sectors struggle under the weight of a high Australian dollar. 

In forecasting marginally lower growth rate of 3 per cent for 2012 and 2013, the RBA has signalled that earlier predictions were overly optimistic.  The central bank's latest quarterly statement on monetary policy comes three days after it cut the official cash rate by 50 basis points because of lower inflation and the need to stimulate parts of the economy.
"Although three months ago a range of indicators were suggesting that economic growth was close to trend, the outcome for 2011 as now reported was, in fact, somewhat weaker than that," the statement said.  In the previous statement, issued in February, the economy had been forecast to grow at 3 to 3.5 per cent.
Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan says the statement indicates Australia's economy is strong, and he remains committed to delivering a budget surplus next week.
"We've got contained inflation, we've got solid growth, we've got growth around trend, and we've got record levels of mining investment," Mr Swan said.

"Now this is in stark contrast, as the Reserve Bank points out, to conditions in most other developed economies." The Reserve Bank expects employment growth to "remain subdued" in the near term and has cited the high Australian dollar as a key pressure
"There is the possibility that in the near term, labour shedding across a range of industries outside of the mining sector accelerates as firms continue to adjust to the high exchange rate, weaknesses in the property market and the effects of weaker public demand." And as the dollar bites, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced plans to hold an economic forum in June to discuss the economic impact of the strong currency.
The Reserve Bank also pointed to a subdued housing market and says "a recovery in housing construction is unlikely in the near term".
"What remains is for buyers to reach a point where they have sufficient confidence to commit to contracts for construction of new dwellings and for the supply side of the housing market to be responsive to demand," the RBA said....   ABC business editor Peter Ryan and staff

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RBA cuts rate by half percent. AUD falls.

 RBA cuts cash /interest rate by 0.5 percent, more than what analysts expected, in an attempt to stimulate borrowings, reduce financial cost for small business and household mortgages ..

AUD plunges from 1.046 to 1.033
Expects further fall of Aussie below 1.03
AUD now buy 3.13 MYR, down from 3.18 previous week ..

Friday, April 27, 2012

AUD & Gold breakout

AUD/USD chart D1.
AUD broke out from a descending channel. 
Looks like it's forming an ascending channel.
Set to test 1.048 and 1.052
AUD/USD chart H4.
Aud touched 1.044
But hold your horses, Aud may dive if RBA meets on Tuesday 1st May (Malaysian time 12.30pm) to cut its cash/interest rate.

Gold similarly broke out from a descending channel on Friday slower-than-expected US growth data and as traders expected another round of QE.
Gold will likely test 1670 and 1680 levels ..

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Aud and Gold regained intraday loss

Aussie dollar plunged from 1.032 to a low of 1.025 US dollar at Tuesday morning.
By evening it has rebounded  to 1.032 so I closed some position and took profit at 1.0315
Immediate resistance 1.035
Xau dived from 1643 to 1623 at lower band of a descending channel during day session but has since regained its position.
Immediate resistance 1658, 1665

TH Plantation

TH Plant just released their Q eps of approx. 2.5 sen, down 40 % compared with last year's Q eps of 4.4 sen
TH Plant (nta 126, QQ 4.4/ 6.4/ 6.5/ 7.4/ 2.5 sen)
Last two days, I read briefly that they have disposed their plantation (whole or part ..?) and is investing in a property in UK. Is this the reason for their decline in earnings..?

Why are Malaysian GLC, EPF and now TH stepping up their buying of  real estates overseas..?
Mmm, I wonder ...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gold consolidates before next move. Aussie down.

 Gold consolidates at USD 1640 level, eyeing FOMC meeting on Weds 25th April to discuss economic & monetary projections..
Will gold breakout to test its recent high or breakdown ..?
Resistances at 1658, 1665, 1686
Supports at 1634, 1625, 1610
Aussie down on weak PPI (producer price index):  buys 103.3 US cents
Resistances at 1.040 , 1.044 , 1.048
Supports at 1.031 , 1.029 , 1.026
Buy below 1.030

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Is it time to cash out ..?

Ringgit has strengthen against USD from 3.60 in the last 3 - 5 years to the current 3.06 as shown in the first chart.
Manufacturers who export/sell their goods in US dollars, repatriate their profits to Malaysia will get less Ringgit now and these are reflected in their earnings. So a weak dollar is negative for exporters.

For foreign investor holding US dollars three years ago when Ringgit was weak and Malaysian equities were cheap, it was the near perfect time to ploughed your money in.
Now if you invert the chart, you would see it as a typical pattern of most stock market charts, forming a double top. Is this the end of the super bull run or will it pull back violently before the next upleg ..?

In the face of uncertainty of global market, would you pull your money out from Malaysia now that your returns from equities would easily have doubled and your forex gain 20 % ..?
Or coupled with the impending general election which is definitely going to cause a lot of volatility and opportunities in the local stock market, would you now liquidate and wait on the sidelines ..?

BAC. MS. JPM. Banking stocks down

US banking stocks taking a dive ...
Worries about US slow economic recovery, EU Spanish bond sales and China slower growth spooked global equities end commodities.

Three charts showing US financial stocks Bank of America, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan share prices descending over the week ...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Aussie reverses its trend ..?

Aussie broke out of its downtrend channel, reached 1.045 US dollar this morning but since then has slid to 1.039
Look at the well-defined formation on a H4 chart ...

Monday, April 9, 2012

Gold and Aussie recovers.

Gold recovers as last week US jobs data fell short of expectation, raising speculation that a QE is not off the table yet ...
Commodity currency Aussie dollar was up at 103.5 US cents this morning ...

A short review for those holding gold .. Daily price of gold has not plunge below the critical support of USD 1600 which is on the long term uptrend line ...

On H4 chart, prices have recovered from recent low of USD 1612 and currently hovering at 1652. It is approaching a resistance at 1665 on a short-term downtrend line. Traders will be watching if it breaks out ..

BHP Billiton.

Commodity stock on a down trend.
BHP mining giant 1 year chart showing shares price sliding to USD69, testing January low of USD 64


Sime ( nta 413, QQ 14/ 22/ 18/ 18 sen ) Eps 72. Trading at RM 9.80 w/ PE 13.6
IOI ( nta 189, QQ 10/ 9/ 4/ 9 sen ) Eps 32. Trading at RM 5.30 w/ PE 14.3

IJMP ( nta 174, QQ 3/ 6/ 6/ 7 sen ) Eps 22. Trading at RM 3.30 w/ PE 15
HSP ( nta 235, QQ 7/ 9/ 8/ 6 sen ) Eps 30. Trading at RM 3.03 w/ PE 10

THP ( nta 123, QQ 4/ 7/ 7/ 7 sen ) Eps 25. Trading at RM 2.80 w/ PE 11.2
TDM ( nta 493, QQ 13/ 14/ 22/ 19 sen) Eps 67. Trading at RM 4.80 w/ PE 7

TSH Plantation.

The Edge did an article on TSH and this is what I gathered:
TSH has landbanks totalling 98,453 ha, out of which 95.5 5 % ( 94,003 ha ) is in Indonesia and 4,450 ha is in Sabah.
37 % (ie., 36,400 ha ) of the landbanks in Indonesia has been planted with 30 % ( ie., 10,920 ha ) reaching maturity, leaving 70 % of the trees yet to reach maturity.
Total planted areas = approx. 41,000 ha
As ending 2011, TSH reported trees in the landbanks as 47 % immature ( < 4 years ), 26 % young mature ( 4 to 6 years ), 15 % mature prime 1 ( 7 to 15 years ), 12 % mature prime 2 ( 16 to 25 years )
TSH has 22.3 % share in Innoprise Plantation which has 12,619 ha plantation land in Sabah and is 51 % owned by Yayasan Sabah.

TSH is projecting strong growth in the near future:
2008 FFB = 198,190 mt ( incl. Indonesian 66,290 mt )
2011 FFB = 399,600 mt ( incl. Indonesian 259,500 mt , CAGR 52%)
2012 prediction FFB = 485,100 mt. 2013 prediction FFB = 608,800 mt. 2014 prediction 723,800 mt

TSH did a bonus issue in Dec 2011 and adjusting for that (nta 104, Q/Q 2.9/ 4.4/ 4.2/ 3.2).
It is now trading at RM 2.34 with P/E 16 which is on the high range

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Global equities retreat further after Fed minutes

Global equites and commodities fell sharply after release of FOMC minutes suggest that no further easing is in the pipeline.

Commodity currency Aud and precious metal gold continues to
slide while USD rose against all majors.
Aud was seen at 1.025 USD within a descending channel.
Gold plunges to 1615 USD ...