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Monday, August 27, 2012

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Telcos. Digi. Maxis.

Looks like there's no stopping Digi as its share prices continue to edge up in the month of August. After a two weeks climb from RM4.50 at the beginning of the month,  the share settled at RM5.00 per piece with a gain of 50 sen or  more than 11 percent.
I'm amazed by the ascent : in such a rapid movement of almost 1 percent per day session that I quickly accumulated Digi shares, almost daily ...

What if you have missed out on this mini rally in Digi ..?
Buy some now but be prepared to average down if market turns against you ...

Maxis share prices made similar decent gain of 40 sen ( more than 6 percent <= 6.80/ 6.40) in the same two weeks period ... Phew I was right about this one when I asked some friends to buy at RM6.30 - 6.40 range and hold ...
Maxis is expected to announce its earning next week. If earnings improved with another 8 sen dividend, then watch it surpass RM 7.00 mark. Else share price may tumble.
And that's when we will be picking the shares again ...

Watch other telcos : TM and Axiata ...

Sunday, August 12, 2012

CPO prices tumbles. MYRinggit strengthen.

With weak crude palm oil price at about US 920 and weak USD against Ringgit, avoid buying plantation shares this few days. Unless of course the share prices plunges, like when TDM plantation earning was announced last week.

IJMP and HSP share prices stll holding well but others like J Tiasa, TaAnn have come off.
Buy only on deep discount to trade ...

If MYR continues to strengthen, it will also downgrades the earnings of the glovemakers who repatriates the earnings to Ringgit

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buy. Hap Seng Plantation

What's HS Plant doing at RM 3.00 while IJM Plant is hovering at RM 3.60 ..?

HSP (nta 230, QQ 9.5/ 8.3/ 6.6/ 5.4sen)
Fv = RM2.40 @ PE 10 based on last two Qeps
Currently trading approx. at RM 3.00 w/ pe 12.5
Dividend 10 sen x 2 = 20 sen for 2011
Declaring dividend in mid August

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Profitable Trading Ideas : Short term

A few counters to trade for profits:
1) Johotin
2) Tomypak
3) Luxchem
4) Latexx