Remember the LORD for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirms his covenant... Deut. 8:18

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Fun Year

May you guys and gals find great happiness in the year ahead.
Enjoy everlasting laughs and ever-laughing life... Be happy ......!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IJM Land. How to catch a falling knife

Catching a falling knife is not an easy task but here's what I did on IJM Land warrant
Yesterday closing price = RM1.89 Today opening at RM1.80 at 5% loss
First, place a huge position at 35% "limit-down" from opening price, ie. minimum price allowed is RM1.33
Subsequently, place positions at downwards increment of
6lot x 30% at RM1.38, 5lot x 25% at RM1.44, 4lot x 20% at RM1.50,
3lot x 15% at RM1.56, 2lot x 10% at RM1.63, 1lot x 5% at RM1.71
If my order is matched all the way down 30%, my average purchase is RM1.48 (21%), pretty much a good support range
If my order is matched down to 20%, my avg price would be 10 lot x RM1.565

Sunday, December 26, 2010

TDM. Plantation governs

I think TDM will follow the path of HS Plant and IJM PLant... In the region of RM3.30 to RM3.40 If it is expected to pay Dv of 15 sen, then dividend yield = 15sen/RM3.00 = 5 %
I'm positive on plantations...... Just buy your favourites and watch it go up, up and away

Friday, December 24, 2010

Blessed Christmas & Happy New Year

Christmas is time when God's love descended on earth.
His name shall be called Prince of peace ( peace with God and man ), Wonderful Counsellor ( comforts man's soul/ grief ), Immanuel ( God dwelling with/in man).
For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in Him shall have " ever-laughing life and everlasting laugh ."
May you always be happy... Im-Manu-El

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

IOI Corp is relatively cheap

IOI Corp ( nta 165, Q/Q 7.7/ 8.6/ 8.6/ 7.8 sen ) Fv = RM3.27
Paid 17 sen total dividend over last four quarters. Trading at RM 5.80 w/ PE 17.7
Relatively cheap and attractive when compared to same league plantation giant KLK trading at PE 21
It's a matter of time before IOI Corp share price goes ballistic....!

Monday, December 20, 2010

J Tiasa. THPlant

Seems like plantation sector is still very much in play/trade.
I'm looking at J Tiasa ( nta 431, Q/Q 1.2/ 5.1/ 3.4/ 8.4/ 11.3 sen)
Trailing annual EPS 28 sen. Trading at RM4.65 w/ PE 17, well, not my cup of tea...

THP ( 096, Q/Q 4.6/ 3.7/ 1.6/ 4.4 sen ) Fv = RM1.40
Trading at RM1.90 w/ PE 13.6 and w/ a dividend of 8.5 sen in 5 months time. Now this is something to seriously consider buying on price weakness...
Compare earnings w/ others:
Cepat ( 169, 1.6/ 2.7/ 2.5/ 1.3/ 4.1 sen ) Fv = RM1.06 Trading at RM1.40 w/ PE 13.2
RSawit ( 061, latest Qeps 3.8 sen) Trading at RM1.93
KMLoong ( 141, 4.8/ 3.9/ 4.4/ 3.9 sen) Fv = RM 1.70 Trading at RM2.56 w/ PE 15
IJMP ( 154, Q/Q 3/ 5/ 2/ 4/ 6 sen ) Fv = RM1.70 Trading at RM 2.95 w/ PE 17
HSP ( 213, Q/Q 3/5/4.5/ 4.5/ 5.2 sen) Fv = RM 1.90 Trading at RM 3.20 w/PE17
TSH ( 178, Q/Q 5.7/ 5/ 3/ 3/ 4.4 sen ) Fv = RM 1.60 Trading at RM 2.80 w/ PE 17.5

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cepat Wawasan Production Discrepancy

Plantation Cepat Wawasan recently posted its Nov month production.
Fresh fruit bunch ( ffb ) = 11,127 metric tons
Crude palm oil ( cpo ) = 6,613 metric tons
Industry standard extraction rate is 21% so CPO should be 0.21 x 11,127 = 2,337 mt
I'm wary of the monthly CPO figure. Can anybody throw some light into this...?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Commodities governs: Plantations Up Up

It's great to be back after a short holiday. I'm glad to see that many plantation's share price has moved, up up up. Justified coz palm oil may in the future be big big big revenue earner for the Gov't. Justified when you look at how much the commodity currency AUD, Gold, CPO future has spiked...! Go walk your local supermarket and check out the food prices...
My holding of QL Reso has gain me much though I wish I had bought into more eggs producing, farming, dairy products and poultry companies...
Anyway, I'm delighted for my positions in TDM, Kfima... still accumulating...
At this moment, I'm fond of TH Plant, HS Plant, IJMP with its warrant. Watch HS Plant and TSH and you can get a fairly good idea where IJMP and THP might be heading.. Though TSH is overpriced in my opinion...
Tips: Look for plantations whose share prices hasn't escalated by 20 %... Then buy...
Happy stock picking..!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

News Brief. IJM. TM. Glomac

IJM-JAKS JV wins RM269m water pipes contract for Pahang-Selangor raw water transfer project. No wonder IJM share price surge more than 5%, closing at RM6.13. I sold off some holdings. Could move up much higher on so much of the positive news of IJM Land. ...
Palm oil futures surge to 28 months high of RM3,523. OSK ups the average selling price in 2011 from RM2250 to RM2700
TM will sell entire 2.27 % stake in Axiata via a private placement, expecting to rake in 191.458 million shares x RM4.593 = RM 879.4m
Glomac ( nta 196, Q/Q 3.3/ 3.6/ 4.2/ 5.3/ 5.4 sen ) Fv 180

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HDD manufacturers may have tough time

Notion Vtec did a consolidation exercise many many months back. If memory serves me well, it was 5 shares into 1, which saw the new share price rising to new high. Technical charts points to higher share prices of Notion Vtec..
Many made their money rightfully during the euphoria and the excitement was turn to Dufu and listing of JCY. Not long after that, an article came forth that devastated the hope of HDD and HDD components maker.
I think it's the article that derails the fortune of the HDD industry though I may be wrong. Since then, I never touched the HDD co. shares and have observed its Q eps sliding. So it does pay to read a little and be observant.
What was the key item in the news article that rattle the counters of HDD makers in general...?
For fun, 100 credit points to the first 10 persons who got it right within 1 week from 2 Dec to 9 Dec.. 100 credit points earn you 1 month of my simple financial views and trading ideas sent personally to yr email bf it hit my blog. This posting will be deleted on 9th Dec...
(Remember to leave yr email and mobile no.. Thanks guys)

Clue: A fruit. Solid + no moving parts.