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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

IJM Land. How to catch a falling knife

Catching a falling knife is not an easy task but here's what I did on IJM Land warrant
Yesterday closing price = RM1.89 Today opening at RM1.80 at 5% loss
First, place a huge position at 35% "limit-down" from opening price, ie. minimum price allowed is RM1.33
Subsequently, place positions at downwards increment of
6lot x 30% at RM1.38, 5lot x 25% at RM1.44, 4lot x 20% at RM1.50,
3lot x 15% at RM1.56, 2lot x 10% at RM1.63, 1lot x 5% at RM1.71
If my order is matched all the way down 30%, my average purchase is RM1.48 (21%), pretty much a good support range
If my order is matched down to 20%, my avg price would be 10 lot x RM1.565

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Anonymous said...

a good catch one!!