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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

HDD manufacturers may have tough time

Notion Vtec did a consolidation exercise many many months back. If memory serves me well, it was 5 shares into 1, which saw the new share price rising to new high. Technical charts points to higher share prices of Notion Vtec..
Many made their money rightfully during the euphoria and the excitement was turn to Dufu and listing of JCY. Not long after that, an article came forth that devastated the hope of HDD and HDD components maker.
I think it's the article that derails the fortune of the HDD industry though I may be wrong. Since then, I never touched the HDD co. shares and have observed its Q eps sliding. So it does pay to read a little and be observant.
What was the key item in the news article that rattle the counters of HDD makers in general...?
For fun, 100 credit points to the first 10 persons who got it right within 1 week from 2 Dec to 9 Dec.. 100 credit points earn you 1 month of my simple financial views and trading ideas sent personally to yr email bf it hit my blog. This posting will be deleted on 9th Dec...
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Clue: A fruit. Solid + no moving parts.


prince said...

Dear sir,

I believe you are refering to the Apple iPad, yes very soon the hdd will be a thing of the past.

Have a nice day

kl said...

Solid state drives to replace hdd? Tablet to completely replace laptop in the near future? Not likely. Eventually, each product will find its own market share. HDD growth and demand may be adversely impacted, yes, but not wholly displaced.

kly said...

Its the SSD

CP said...

Hi Remmant

I want to try my luck to get in touch with your in-valuable piece of investing ideas, of coz.

My pick - flash memory.

Have a nice day, sir. Thanks.


Remnant 613 said...

Pls remember to indicate yr email and mobile phone no.

CP said...

Hi Remnant


My e-mail is and hp no is 012 821 0129.

Thanks again.

God bless.


CheahSweeKuan said...

This one is easy. The iPad of course. It is supposed to replace the laptop with the hdd but I dont think so.

Cheah 0165573178