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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Plantations. CPO up

HS Plantation soared highest RM3.32 this Wednesday morning with an 18% gain in my portfolio. Sold some holdings.
TDM Plant din budge at all despite the fantastic quarterly EPS. Disappointment to many (including me) who bought in anticipating good Qeps and surge in price. I think TDM will follow the path of HSP, pauses at RM2.40 level bf breaking out higher. Syndicates, pls come and make my day..!
Kfima also reverses after I bought in. Anyway, no fretting. Keep looking for undervalued companies to buy into. Checking into IJMP and TSH.
Sorry, I dont like big plantation co. trading at high PER. KLK ( nta 564, Q/Q 23/ 23/ 20/ 23/ 29 ) Fv = 950. Now trading at RM20.20 w/ PE of 21, too high for my liking...
Meanwhile CPO prices has recovered from recent low, even surpassing recent high of RM3370 to RM3,415

My CMMT took a turn and surged to RM1.14 ( +5.5% ) at yesterday closing.
IJM spiked past RM6.00 ( +4.5% ) but slumped back RM5.74. Still more upside to come.

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