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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sunway Holdings to merge with Sunway City

Sunway Sdn Bhd will acquire the two listed construction and property outfits, Sunway Holdings Bhd at RM 2.60/ share and Suncity Bhd at RM 5.10/ share, merge and relist it in Bursa with NEW CO shares at RM2.80/share with cash repayment and free warrants.
My gain/profit of Suncity shares is now up by 27 %
My greatest gain on my purchase since my previous posting on 18th October: Sunrise (30%), Suncity (27%), Masteel (24%). My disappointment has got to Leader Universal: it reverses after my purchase.
Someone tease if I could manage their portfolio. I jokingly asked if he would be willing to pay 2% charge on stocks purchase and 20% charge on all profit/gain made. that's what most fund manager charges 2: 20 rule.
Nay, it's far cheaper to just read and follow my blog and many other excellent blogs. Beside there are many TA guys/frens who made much much more trading the market. A close fren consistently makes RM4,000 on his capital of RM40,000 over 2 months. That's 5% monthly average or 60% a year. I could never ever beat that record coz I'm more like a "turtle investor" rather than a speculative trader.
Happy stock picking...!


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