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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Earnings Season Again. L&G,HapSeng,KSL.TGuan

L&G (nta 076, Qeps3.3/ 1.7/ 3.9/ 4.1/ 3.2c) posted a fairly good quarterly profit of 3.2 sen and if sustainable over the next few quarters, could see its shares price ascending to 70 sen..
HapSeng (173, 4.9/ 9.7/ 7.0/ 7.2/ 6.3) declares a Qeps of 6.3sen and dv of 10 sen goimg ex. 3rd July. This dv is an increase over the previous two half yearly dv of 8 sen. Expect to see share price reaching RM3.60
KSL (349, 12.4/ 17.3/ 17.7/ -2.7/ 15.8) with such a fantastic result should see shares price aimimg at RM2.70 similar with Crescendo. Unfortunately KSL has no indication of payimg any dividend...
TGuan (281, 5.2/ 5.1/ 10.5/ 6.0/ 8.3c) saw its shares price up from RM2.20 to 2.29 on the release of ite amazing Qeps of 8.3 sen.. Target RM2.80 ??

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anomaly: IJM Plant cf. HS Plant

The shares pricing of these counters has bothered me quite a while:
IJM Plant (nta 172, Qeps 2.8/ 3.6/ 3.5/ 3.8/ 6.5sen) When assigned with a PE of  15 over the average of last two Qeps my fair value Fv would be 309
HS Plant (nta 239, Qeps 2.5/ 1.0/ 3.8/ 5.5/ 5.3sen) Fv 324 (assumed PE 15)
Swk Plant (nta 211, Qeps 2.7/ 0.5/ 5.7/ 5.4/ 6.4sen) Fv 354 (assumed PE 15)
Annual dividends of IJMP, HSP, SwkP is 7, 10 and 8 sen respectively.

Current share price of  IJMP is at RM 3.64 and is priced at PE = 364/20.6 = 18
Whereas current share price of HSP at RM 2.77 has a PE of 12
And SwkPlt at RM 2.67 carries a PE of 12.
Which tells me that HSP and SwkPlt share prices have a lot of catching up to do...

Monday, May 26, 2014

Maxis share price dips: Buy

Maxis shares price plunges from RM6.90 on downgrade by CIMB Research.
Any level below RM 6.70 is a good position to take for trading profits.
I'm buying in as Maxis will pay 16 sen dividend on 28th May..