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Monday, August 29, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maxis.Hap Seng.Hunz Pty..Gold.

Maxis (nta 107, QQ 7/ 8/ 8/ 7/ 7.3 sen) Fv = RM3, now trading at RM5.40, declares tax exempted dv 8 sen going ex. 18th Sept
Hap Seng latest Qeps 4.8 sen. Before the corporate exercise it was (nta 471, Q/Q 23/ 8/ 18/ 14sen ) Fv= RM1.60, now trading at RM1.30, declares a tax exepted dv 3.9 sen, going ex 9th Sept.
Hunza Pty (nta 244, QQ 7.4/ 18/ 5.3/ 5.9/ 4.2 sen) Fv= RM1.60... now trading at RM1.50, propose a tax exempted dv 5.6 sen
Gold chart suggest buying at USD 1,500/oz level. I think USD 1,550 is a good entry point. I'll be taking a position at USD 1,600/oz.
In Malaysian Ringgit, that's (1,600 x 2.98)/31.1 = RM 153/ gram
Two pre-requisites: 1).. Buy only with the cash that you won't be needing for 5 years.
2).. Buy when you have worked into a deep-seated belief that gold will rise to RM300/gm. You must be willing to "buy and forget" this asset; it's for the long haul.

People who are considering buying into units of 3 or 4 years capital guaranteed funds should fare better in this gold investment. Capital guranteed fund promise you at best 30% but hardly delivers. Gold in physical or "paper" does indeed surpasses that figure. Please dont buy into unit trust portfolio (gold miners/gold fund/ precious metal); that's a different ball game as the price of unit may not correlate exactly with price of physical gold.

Buy "paper gold" (Public Bk, Maybank, CIMB passbook) if you intend to sell within next year or so. Buy physical if you intend to hold 10, 30 years, 50 years, 100 years.? Physical gold will be most valuable when the world currencies collapse.. I joke with my friends that 20 pcs of gold coin will buy a bungalow in turbulent times like that...
Maybank will phase out the trading of Bank Negara minted Kijang Gold Coin soon and I suggest you guys go grab at least one. It may have numismatic value later.
So far our central bank Bank Negara hasn't stopped the Kelantan and Perak Govt from minting/monetising their own gold coins and using it as a monetary currency in designated public/ private enterprise. Buy some of these too as it could be rare items in the future..

Monday, August 22, 2011

Earnings. HSP.TM.AirAsia.MAS.Axiata.CIMB.Maybank.

HS Plant (nta 230, QQ 4.5/ 5/ 7/ 7/ 9.4 sen) Fv= RM2.80, now trading at RM2.70 Declares tax exempted 10 sen dv, going ex. 8th Sept
TM (nta 186, QQ 3.5/ 12/ 11/ 4.6/ 3.6 sen) Fv= RM1.70, now trading at RM4.10. Declares tax exempted 9.8 sen dv, going ex. 8th Sept.
Air Asia (nta 141, QQ 7/ 12/ 11/ 6/ 4 sen) Fv = RM2.40, now trading at RM3.50
MAS (nta 84, QQ 16/ 7/ 7/ -7/ -16 sen) Quaterly earning still in red and sinking
Axiata (nta 225, QQ 7/ 8/ -4/ 6/ 8 sen) Fv = RM3, now trading at RM 5 . Propose 4 sen dv
CIMB (nta 331, 12/ 13/ 12/ 12/ 13 sen) Fv = RM5, now trading at RM 7.80. Announces dv 12 sen, going ex. 8th Sept
Maybank (nta 420, QQ 13/ 14/ 16/ 15/ 15 sen) Fv= RM6, now trading at RM 8.60, propose dv 32 sen

Friday, August 19, 2011

Adopt and Save a life

If it is within your ability and capacity to adopt a pet, please do so. Having a pet is actually very therapeutic for both adults (in our stressful working environment) and kids (bonding and playthingee) too. I mean, would you rather have the kids mucking about with the dogs than have them glue to the addictive Playstn, computer games and FB...?

I was fortunate to be surrounded by pets in my early years in life. It does makes one more caring and less fearful of furry animals. I really think kids should be exposed in their pre-teens for it does brings out their compassion to the concern/needs of other, their giving of self, their responsibilty to tend to another living being. Most dogs are friendly in nature, fierce in loyalty & responsive if treated well.

For more details, visit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Earnings. MahSing.KianJoo. Leader.

Mah Sing (nta 117, Q/Q 3.5/ 3.6/ 3.8/ 5/ 5.2 sen) Fv= RM 1.80, now trading at RM2.45
Kian Joo (nta 201, Q/Q 6/ 7/ 5/ 7/ 6.9 sen) Fv = RM2.50, now trading at RM 1.95 announces a dv of 6.25 (3.75 + 2.5) sen going ex. on 2nd Sept. Accumulate on weakness.
Leader (nta 136, Q/Q 3.4/ 3.8/ 1.8/ 2.8/ 3.5 sen latest) Fv = RM 1.15, now trading at 79 sen.

Did a internet search on availability of silver coins/wafer/bars in Malaysia and this is what I found........ .... ST Silver Ventures Johor: 017- 615 3835, 03- 2178 4275, 012- 7129 558 (Ms Shadhana), 012- 225 6664 (Mr Yow Chuan). Email
Silver for Sms/call 012- 225 8679 Email
In Singapore: and

Monday, August 15, 2011

40th Anniversary of the Dollar’s Divorce from Gold

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Generous Taiko

Heard this piece of news and I thought, "wow, such a big fella (tai lo) with bigness of mind, heart and character."

A man purportedly an unlicensed money lender (aka. Ah Long) went to Citibank and asked the fund manager to invest a redundant sum of RM 100,000 in whatever financial instrument she thinks will bring him gain within a year. Accordingly the girl invested the amount into some unit trust fund and yielded a RM 3,000 profit.

Upon monetising his investment, he gave a gratuity of RM 500 to the girl who was bewildered by that generous act. Isn't this cool..? Now this is one guy who really moves money...

Penang. Oversupply of New Launches.?

There are concerns that Penang island cannot absorb the high number of projects. The planned development of RM29.6bil worth of properties on Penang island in the next 10 to 15 years has raised concerns over the capacity of the market to absorb them.

The properties are planned for 1,121.56 acres which include reclaimed land and strategic locations on the island.

Eastern & Oriental Bhd is reclaiming 740 acres for the second phase of the Seri Tanjung Pinang project in Tanjung Tokong to develop two islands for mixed development projects, which will have an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM12bil.

Read here...

Monday, August 8, 2011

KLCI bleeds 70 points

809- another day of bleeding for KLCI following DJIA & S&P plunge of approx 6 %.
I guess many will sell their portfolio into huge losses while some will make their entry to take a position. I think at the end of the day or week, many will make their entry after the massive selling has subsided...

Did a day trade on A.T.M.= Axiata, Telekom, Maxis.
Queue for Maybank and other blue chip counters.

Red Ocean. KLCI dives > 40 points

8th Aug. 2011. Some took the opportunity to buy into market when the index plunges sharply in the mid morning. Losers lead gainers by more than 1,060 to 45 at one point and there were so many counters registering huge loses to pick from. I guess you could call this "Red Ocean" strategic fishing, ha ha. You could be rewarded if you timed the market well.

Well, I'm not so smart: I only gain from the intra-day trades on TM and GenM.
Accumulated some other blue-chip counters. Wish I had bought into Maxis but then again, there were so many to pick at.. Next round then.....
Laggard stocks I like : Bjtoto, KJC, Maxis, Tambun

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

KLK Value Homes

Saw this ad in the The Edge. KLK Bandar Seri Coalfields 2 Sty SD with land size 40' x 80' and generous built-up 3,066 sf c/w. 4+1 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms.
Priced from RM 688k, this works out to be merely RM 224 psf based on built-up.

The 2 sty link house sells even cheaper from approx. RM 360k for land size 22' x 75' and built-up from 1,960 sf. That's approx. RM 180 psf on built-up. Cheap and good, eh..?