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Thursday, August 26, 2010


QL (nta RM1.35 Qeps 6.9sen ) Fv = 7 x 4 x assumed PER 10 = RM 2.80
At current price of RM4.50 it's PER = 16. Declares dividend Dps = 7 sen
PPB (nta RM11.93 Qeps 26.8) Fv = 27 x 4 x 10 = RM 10.80
A current price of RM17.00 it;s PER = 16. Declares Dps = 70 sen ex. 8/9
Better to invest in companies whose business is in soft commodities (plant-based produce like corns, sugarcane, flour, edible oil and livestock farming produce) rather than hard commodities (base/industrial metals) at the moment.

Maybank (nta RM 3.94 prev Qeps 14.6sen recent Qeps 12.9 sen) Fv = RM 5.20
At RM 8.20 , PER = 16. Declares Dps = 44 sen
CIMB ( nta RM 2.93 prev Qeps 23.7sen recent Qeps 12.6 sen) Fv = RM 5.00
At RM 7.70 , PER = 15. Declares Dps = 4.6 sen

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Capital Protected Unit Trust Funds

Beware of the terms & conditions when you do invest in capital protected trust fund.
You may not get your money back immediately after the maturity period. It does vary from institution to institution but just beware, it's not what it seems in terms of liquidity and projected gain.

Take for example, ING Capital Protected Baraka Fund . Maturing in early July 2010 after 3 years, it has not pay out the money to its investors. It has a hidden built-in clause (not disclosed verbally by its sales personnel at time of sales) that permits it to to take as long as 2 months after its maturity to return the money to its investors.
The fund has not performed as projected (min 6% to max 30%) but instead has yielded zero gain to its investors.

Lesson for all..?
No two trust funds are alike so choose carefully. Have the sales staff to explain in details the prospectus, if necessary, page by page. Look at the historic performance of the company trust funds bearing in mind that good fund managers are always head-hunted and pinched so there's no guarantee that previous performance of the funds can be extrapolated.

Learn to handle your own investments. Trade the market and start by investing in dividends paying stock counters. Learn from the many bloggers who share their ideas and opinions so unselfishly. Start small and invest consistently. And don't worry too much about price fluctuation when buying into good companies, eg. if you think TM at RM3.50 is expensive then what do you think will be its price in 5 years, 10 years, 15 years period when your kids grow up to buy into the stock market...?
happy invest....

Monday, August 16, 2010

GenM. Axiata. TM. Boustead

Sold some GenM at RM3.08
Still think GenM should be around RM3.30 (earning is similar to Jerneh's last quarter earning)

Collecting Axiata, TM, Boustead
Still cheapest blue chip on the KLSE
Still think fund manager will use GenM, Axiata, TM to stage rally. Crazy maybe.