Remember the LORD for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirms his covenant... Deut. 8:18

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commodities prices slip

Price of CPO dropped from RM3,200 to RMRM3,150 losing abt RM50.
Commodity currency AUD slipped from 3.22 to 3.176
Precious metal gold plunges from USD 1,544 to USD 1,521
Commodities stock price will tend to drift lower. For those who are keen to get back into our plantation stocks, wait for CPO price to hit RM3,000 mark, AUD at 3.08 and gold below 1,500
I'm waiting to accumulate HSP at 2.40 - 2.50, THP at 1.80 - 1.90, TDM 2.70 - 2.80 as I have completely sold of all my plantation stocks when CPO prices retreated from near peak of RM3,800.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Average Investor's Allocation

Since March 2009, CCP trade the stock market weekly and gradually built up his initial investment capital to a peak of RM 320k.
Early this year, he reduced his stocks holdings to current value of RM 289k with cash in hand & dividend of RM 133k... Total stocks & cash = 289 + 133 = 422k.
Gain = 422 - 320 = 102k ( 32 % ), all in hand.
Note: his cash position 133k = 41% of initial capital (320k) or 32% (total 422k)... Ratio cash 1: 2 stocks approx.

In 2010, ALE started trading the market fortnightly with capital of RM 198k. She has also trimmed her positions in the market and is holding RM 80k cash and RM 160k in stocks, total RM 240k Gain = ( 240-198 ) /198 = 21 % or RM 42k, (near half of her 80k cash in hand)
Note: her cash position = 40% of initial capital (198k) or 33% of total (240k).. Ratio cash 1 : 2 stocks

In comparison, my return incl. dividends = 33 %, current cash holding = 26% of initial capital.. Ratio cash 1: 4 stocks.. Plan to reduce my cash holding by investing into dividend stocks...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

People of God, are you happy.?

Many people of God are simply not happy.
Their happiness is based on externals, stuff like personal academics/self achievement, relationship or finances: on how much they have attained over the weeks/months in sales figure, how many numerical they have in their bank accounts, how much property in their possession or acqusition, how their relationship with their spouse/ kids fare, how a certain person or group of people have treated/behave towards them. While all these has a place of its own, it's sad to watch how the people of God loses their inner joy over all these.

I've met another group of unhappy people who live their lives centred solely on a set of laws and commandments that's derived from their sacred book. They can remember so well the text inside out, many who can quote verses so meticulously, many who can "proof-text" their doctrine.
But if you're not happy, you're just living a rigourous/tiring religious life of do and don't and that sucks. A wise man said something to this effect, " A person can be in the known religiously but spiritually undiscerned." Religion and spirituality are two differently things.
The Good News (Gospel) is about how one can meet God, the Author of the sacred book, enjoy God being with us and live life happily, much less to do with other stuff.... And unless you discover the God of the sacred, you're just living life on the peripheral (by the book).

You must be happy because of the simplistic fact that
1). Immanuel (God is with us). Was once seperated from God but now reconciled.
2). Identity changed to being child of God. To those who believe, God gave you the rights to become a child of God.
3). God gives you a Holy Spirit to empower you and gives you the ability to live a life as a happy child of God. In the words of a child, "spirits and demons jumps out and Holy Spirit jumps in."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tambun Indah.Axiata.Maxis.Digi.

Tambun Indah (nta 66, 1Q eps 2.9 sen ), a property developer on Penang mainland caught my attention with their announcement on their interim dividend of 4.6 sen going ex. 11th Aug. This stock worth accumulating for med- long time for growth and dividend play with limited downside.
Axiata (nta 227, Q/Q 11/ 7/ 8/ -4/ 6) making its moves on RHB call to buy. Recently paid maiden dividend of 10 sen in June. More dividend to come in Sept...? Assuming EPS of 26 sen, it's trading w/ PER 19 at share price of RM4.93
Compare Maxis (nta 115, Q/Q 7/ 7/ 8/ 8/ 7 ) EPS 30 sen. Trading at RM5.45 w/PER 18
and DIGI (nta 173, Q/Q 36/ 37/ 43/ 43 ) EPS 160. Trading at RM28.6 w/ PER 18
My take = accumulate all above shares on weakness. Don't forget to buy more of TM shares once you've received the capital repayment of 29 sen + 13 sen dv tomorrow in yr account. Happy investing. Blessings to all.

Friday, June 10, 2011

US stocks swoon, Dow below 12,000

Stocks retreated broadly on Friday, with the Dow ending below 12,000 for the first time since March 18 and the Nasdaq erasing all of its gains for the year.

DJ and S&P continue to slide for the six consecutive weeks, its longest weekly slump since the fall of 2002.
The pressure points for the Dow’s slump included concern that China’s high-powered export economy could be slowing and a growing sense that Europe will be unable to reach a consensus on how to end the Greek debt crisis that has troubled markets for more than a year.

In the United States, a rash of sluggish indicators — especially related to the job market, manufacturing, consumer confidence and home sales — has economists worried about a stalled recovery. The nervousness was heightened this week when the Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, said the economic recovery remained uneven but did not say the Fed would continue to intervene. Investor enthusiasm has cooled with signals from the Fed that it will end its purchase of $600 billion dollars in Treasury securities at the end of June. (New York Times, Graham Bowley)

USD likely to gain strength in short term while commodities currencies will dip alongside with energy, agri/soft and metal commodities.

Friends ask of my opinion on MSM IPO: My take.......
I love commodity stocks but I think MSM is priced on the high side w/ EPS of 2008, 2009, 2010 at 17 sen, 33.8 sen and 33.1 sen respectively. Don't know their dividend policy.
Honestly doubt their ability to do the regional expansion/acqusition in the footsteps of R.Kuok's Wilmar/PPB. I prefer to watch the price action on the open market for a whole month and take a position if/when the picture is clearer.

Monday, June 6, 2011

HapSeng Cons. Kian Joo.

Today Hap Seng Cons. saw its share price surge about 7 % to close at RM 5.56 despite the KLCI losing abt 7 points to close at 1552... Sold part of HSC shares that was accumulated at RM 5.20 range. Let's see if HSC price action can be sustained up to end of week, where dividend of 20.5 sen will go ex.

Trade for month of May: sold all of BJ Corp and Benalec with little gain.
Will swap into my choice of dividend counters, which I think will mitigate/avoid major monetary losses, if/when market reverses.
Bought Kian Joo shares which I think has value inspite of the litigation issue between KJC and Can One. Looking purely at just dividend payout, it should be in the RM 2.60 range, alongside HS Plant. Buy at your own risk though :)) as market is poised for a correction... Happy investing..!