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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Commodities prices slip

Price of CPO dropped from RM3,200 to RMRM3,150 losing abt RM50.
Commodity currency AUD slipped from 3.22 to 3.176
Precious metal gold plunges from USD 1,544 to USD 1,521
Commodities stock price will tend to drift lower. For those who are keen to get back into our plantation stocks, wait for CPO price to hit RM3,000 mark, AUD at 3.08 and gold below 1,500
I'm waiting to accumulate HSP at 2.40 - 2.50, THP at 1.80 - 1.90, TDM 2.70 - 2.80 as I have completely sold of all my plantation stocks when CPO prices retreated from near peak of RM3,800.


Edwin said...

Good day,
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Remnant 613 said...

God loves Edwin very much.

Edwin said...

Thanks Remnant. Link yours too..and let share knowledge and save all the retail investor from the big syndicates..

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