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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tambun Indah.Axiata.Maxis.Digi.

Tambun Indah (nta 66, 1Q eps 2.9 sen ), a property developer on Penang mainland caught my attention with their announcement on their interim dividend of 4.6 sen going ex. 11th Aug. This stock worth accumulating for med- long time for growth and dividend play with limited downside.
Axiata (nta 227, Q/Q 11/ 7/ 8/ -4/ 6) making its moves on RHB call to buy. Recently paid maiden dividend of 10 sen in June. More dividend to come in Sept...? Assuming EPS of 26 sen, it's trading w/ PER 19 at share price of RM4.93
Compare Maxis (nta 115, Q/Q 7/ 7/ 8/ 8/ 7 ) EPS 30 sen. Trading at RM5.45 w/PER 18
and DIGI (nta 173, Q/Q 36/ 37/ 43/ 43 ) EPS 160. Trading at RM28.6 w/ PER 18
My take = accumulate all above shares on weakness. Don't forget to buy more of TM shares once you've received the capital repayment of 29 sen + 13 sen dv tomorrow in yr account. Happy investing. Blessings to all.

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