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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weekly Gold in Aussie and US dollars

 Gold sells between 1580 to 1540 US dollars
Current spot 1560


Aud trades between 99 to 97 US cents
Current spot 97.3 US cents

Gold sells between 1610 to 1580 Aussie dollars
Current spot 1600
Get more when you sell your gold in AUD
It also means it takes more to buy gold in AUD


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gold. HSP. HSC. Unico. Boustead. GenP. KLK. IJMP

Gold chart shows weekly range between recent low of 1540 to high of 1600 .. Xau sells for 1580 USD today ...
Immediate resistances 1582, 1588, 1593
supports 1570, 1565, 1558

Poor earnings continue to afflict planters:
Hap Seng Plant (nta 250. Q/Q 7.2/ 9.5/ 8.5/ 6.6/ 5.4 sen) Latest Qeps declined almost 20 percent from previous ..
Hap Seng Cons (nta 150, QQ 4.8/ 4.4/ 5.1/ 3.9 sen) Latest Qeps plunged 25 percent
Unico (nta 96, QQ 1.5/ 2.6/ 2.2/ 2.1/ 1.8 sen) Latest Qeps slid 15 percent
Boustead (nta 443, QQ 11.9/ 19.7/ 12.9/ 18.6/ 14 sen) Earnings dropped 25 percent
Gent Plant (nta 430, QQ 12.4/ 18.4/ 15.0/ 12.4/ 10.4sen) Qeps down by 16 percent
KLK Plant (nta 658. QQ 35/ 40/ 43/ 32/ 20sen) Qeps tumbled by 40 percent
IJM Plant (nta 173, QQ 3.2/ 6.2/ 5.9/ 6.7/ 0.9 sen) Qeps dive by 80 percent
Fancy this : Impala Platinum

Friday, May 25, 2012

Gold to test 1600 USD next week

Gold weekly range between 1540 to 1600 USD ... Time to get physical if ever it dips again ... In fact, it's good opportunity to accumulate now ...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Plantation poor earnings.TSH.TDM.SOP.TWSP.

TSH (nta 104, Q/Qeps 5.8/ 8.8/ 8.4/ 3.2/ 1.8 sen) Latest Qeps fell about 45 percent from previous.
TDM (nta 496, Q/Q 12.7/ 13.9/ 21.9/ 18.7/ 7.5 sen) Latest Qeps slid 60 percent from previous
SOP (nta 289, Q/Q 12.8/ 15.9/ 17.3/ 9.9/ 9.1 sen) Latest Qeps flat cf. to previous
TWSP (nta 343, Q/Q 7.7/ 14.3/ 13.7/ 15.8/ 0.7 sen) Latest Qeps 0.7 sen cf. 15.8 sen ..!
You be the judge of what's becoming of the earnings of plantation companies ...

HSP and IOI are to release its earnings pretty soon, while KLK, Sime and IJMP will do so before month ends. It would be interesting to see how they fare ...

Meanwhile, take a look at Golden Agri Plantation two years chart. Shares price currently is at 64 cents compared to Sept 2011 plunge below 60 cents ...
Take another look at Wilmar two years chart. Share price plunging to 38 cents after recent reports show a huge loss in company earnings ... This looks like a good entry point to accumulate ... Techinical chartist, please please give me a clue ...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Commodities continue to drift lower ...

Gold seen drifting to 6, 9, 12 months low at 1535 USD. It has broken the long term rising support trendline at 1600 and is seen for the 3rd time attempting to break below the 1510 level .. Gold has since lost 8 percent since the beginning of May from 1660 level ..  

Aussie dollar exhibits similar pattern as it slides below parity, buying just 99 US cents .. Aussie has since fallen 8 percent from recent high ...  Both the Aussie and Gold are oversold ...
CRB index falling below October and December 2011 low of 294 ..
When you look at all these, it sure makes you wonder how come the Malaysian commodities prices, currencies and stocks have not corrected accordingly ..?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

蘋果日報 - 20120428 - 直擊吉林殺狗 製醬料狗肉即食麪 震驚國際 舉世譴責

Go to and please do the needful .. Need your support, guys ...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Commodities headed for violent correction again ..?

Gold plunges big time- from USD 1638 to 1580, a drop of 3.7 percent on renewed fears of Euro crises ( Greece political uncertainty, Spanish banks frailty, France new president fight against austerity) gripped investors ...This is bad news for gold investors as gold broke the uptrend line at 1620 ... And it could get even cheaper as gold struggles to find support ... < Er, good news for those aiming to buy gold at super low price with our strong Ringgit.  >
Commodity currency Aussie dollar continues to dive towards parity with the US dollar after federal government posted a budget surplus, signalling further rates cut may be on the table. Just a week ago RBA have knife cash/interest rate by 0.5 percent to 3.7           < Good for those funding kids studying  in Australia.  >
CRB over one year period showing the index falling from last year July highest to October lowest. Index seen sliding from recent high in March to current low ... Game over for commodities and its currencies ..? Are these the things to come for the Malaysian stocks market, cash interest rate cuts and its currency Ringgit .? I would have to say, YES, in the right sense of mind ...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Golden Agri Plantation

Share prices sliding

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Friday, May 4, 2012

RBA cuts growth outlook as economy softens

The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut its growth and inflation forecasts as non-mining sectors struggle under the weight of a high Australian dollar. 

In forecasting marginally lower growth rate of 3 per cent for 2012 and 2013, the RBA has signalled that earlier predictions were overly optimistic.  The central bank's latest quarterly statement on monetary policy comes three days after it cut the official cash rate by 50 basis points because of lower inflation and the need to stimulate parts of the economy.
"Although three months ago a range of indicators were suggesting that economic growth was close to trend, the outcome for 2011 as now reported was, in fact, somewhat weaker than that," the statement said.  In the previous statement, issued in February, the economy had been forecast to grow at 3 to 3.5 per cent.
Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan says the statement indicates Australia's economy is strong, and he remains committed to delivering a budget surplus next week.
"We've got contained inflation, we've got solid growth, we've got growth around trend, and we've got record levels of mining investment," Mr Swan said.

"Now this is in stark contrast, as the Reserve Bank points out, to conditions in most other developed economies." The Reserve Bank expects employment growth to "remain subdued" in the near term and has cited the high Australian dollar as a key pressure
"There is the possibility that in the near term, labour shedding across a range of industries outside of the mining sector accelerates as firms continue to adjust to the high exchange rate, weaknesses in the property market and the effects of weaker public demand." And as the dollar bites, Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced plans to hold an economic forum in June to discuss the economic impact of the strong currency.
The Reserve Bank also pointed to a subdued housing market and says "a recovery in housing construction is unlikely in the near term".
"What remains is for buyers to reach a point where they have sufficient confidence to commit to contracts for construction of new dwellings and for the supply side of the housing market to be responsive to demand," the RBA said....   ABC business editor Peter Ryan and staff

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RBA cuts rate by half percent. AUD falls.

 RBA cuts cash /interest rate by 0.5 percent, more than what analysts expected, in an attempt to stimulate borrowings, reduce financial cost for small business and household mortgages ..

AUD plunges from 1.046 to 1.033
Expects further fall of Aussie below 1.03
AUD now buy 3.13 MYR, down from 3.18 previous week ..