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Friday, January 23, 2015

KLCI Recovers to 1800. Selling Into Strength

Maybank shares price recovers to RM 9..
Profitable trade as all shares were purchased between 8.40 to 8.83

Recent trades:
Sold Insas at 92 sen (plunge to 84 sen today after going ex.).. to wait and see if it goes to 80c/76c range
Sold L&G.. I think it may do a 58 sen hit..
Sold ThongGuan Industry ...

Trading Tambun shares between RM1.50 and 1.80 with KSL (after 1:1 bonus issues) ranging from RM1.80 to 2.10 ... Love the big moves they make...

Switching from telcos to REITS has pay off..
CMMT is currently traded at RM1.56 (accumulated 1.39 to 1.43) with a 4c dv by month end

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I like Maybank at this price; RM8.90

Maybank (nta 546, Qeps 20/ 19.6/ 18.1/ 17.5/ 17.6 sen) currently hovering at RM8.90
Maybank previous dividends of  55 sen (31c + 24c) if it persists will offers a dv yield of 6.2 %
Hmmm, quite decent for a bluechip counter..
Sold all my telcos shares in Maxis and DIGI (which pays between dv yield of 4.3 to 4.8 %) to accumulate Maybank..

Insas (nta 180, Qeps 8.9/ 6.2/ 4.6/ 4.9 sen) did surge to RM1.20 strong resistance level before diving on announcement of its recent Qeps of 3.6 sen
Sold most shares above RM1.15
Currently trading at 94 sen, worth nibbling between the range of 90 sen to 86 sen strong support...

L&G (nta 57, Qeps 3.9/ 4.0/ 3.2/ 4.5/ 7.9 sen) looks like a good counter to trade at 50 sen level

Recent trades:
Sold all of my shares in TM, Maxis and DIGI
Sold two-thirds of shares in Tambun above RM2.14 , buying back on weakness in shares price currently trading at RM1.80
Sold some shares in HapSeng, KSL, Paramon, PJ Dev, ThongGuan Ind., L&G, PavReit, IGBReit,

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Insas. CMMT. KSL. HapSeng. YTLReit

If there's a stock I would  invest a lot of money in, it would have to be Insas (nta 180, Qeps 8.9/ 6.2/ 4.6/ 4.9c)
Accumulating from 98 sen, RM1.00 and RM1.05
The movement 86/88c -> 96/98c -> 106/108c -> 116/118c.???
I think it's gonna move to RM1.19 strong resistance (former strong support).

Why the dip in CMMT stock price to RM1.43.?
CMMT (nta 123, Qeps 6.5/ 2.1/ 2.4/ 2.2/ 5.9/ 2.0) pays 4.5 and 4.53c as dividends
Therefore 9.03/143 = > 6.3 % dy

KSL shares price has surged to RM4.70 while HapSeng keeps going up to almost RM4.50
Lets see if HapSeng will increase their half yearly dividend from 10 sen ...
Luxchem (nta115, Qeps 3.8/ 3.3/ 4.6/ 3.8/ 3.7/ 4.6) shares price rose to RM1.80 on proposal of bonus shares issue
YTLReit in news on improving earnings. Anyone who misses out on buying other REITS can still accumulate this one as YTLReit pays 6.9 sen on current price of RM1.03 (dy = 6.7%)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Telco DIGI. Maxis. Property Tambun

DIGI posted its latest Qeps of 6.2 sen and a dividend of 6.26 sen going ex on 5th November.
Looking at the six quarters of earning (Qeps 4.9/ 5.8/ 7.1/ 6.2/ 6.4/ 6.2) and dividend (Qdps 4.8/ 5.7/ 7.0/ 6.2/ 6.4/ 6.26), it certainly look like the earnings and the dividends are stagnant; not going to improve a lot.. Currently trading at RM5.95 with a trailing PE of 595/25.9 = 23 and dy of 25.9/595 = 4.3%, it certainly doesn't look very attractive holding DIGI for dividends..

Maxis has not announce its Qeps but looking at previous Qeps 7.0/ 6.3/ 3.9/ 6.4/ 5.9 and Qdps 8/ 8/ 16/ 8/ 8c, its now trading at RM6.62 with a traling PE = 662/ 22.5 =29 and dy = 32/662= 4.8% assuming Maxis will reduce its annual dividends from 40 to 32 sen,,

Prefering REITs now over telco: DIGI or Maxis which has PE ratio > 23
Will accumulate REIT and sell telco on strength

Selling Tambun shares (nta 086, Qeps 4.5/ 5.2/ 6.1/ 6.4/ 6.3/ ??) trading at trailing PE 224/ 24 = 9 with dy = 6.6/ 224 = 2.9%

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Stock market still depressed.

Heavy selling for the whole week at local stock market.
Oil & gas, plantation and property sector share prices plunging more than 20% from recent high..
Looks like stocks is entering a bear market with everybody in a panic mode selling their holdings and asking question later..

KSL rose as high as 4.97 last month and since then had slid to about 4.20 and is traded currently at 3.80
Daiman has dropped from 3.70 and currently trades at 3.00 mark
Tambun share price tumbled from 2.60 to 2.06
PJ Dev slid from high of 2.20 to 1.60 (more than 30%)
Paramount dropped from 1.60 to 1.43
TA shares price tumbled from 93 to 76 sen
Blue chips Maxis, DIGI and HapSeng seem to be holding well at 6.50, 5.84 and 4.00 respectively
Liquidate more than RM500k of stocks for last one month..
And the selling has not subsided with KLCI down by 1% at 1768 : 1001 losers dominating 64 gainers in the local KLSE market.....      Happy trading...

Monday, August 18, 2014

KSL. Daiman. Paramount.

KSL goes ballistic from RM3 since lasst posting, up and up towards the RM4 mark..Is there no stopping KSL..?
Another property player Daiman shares price seems to be going nowhere..
Accumulating .....
Paramount (nta 221, 3.2/ 4.1/ 4.3/ 5.7/ latest 5.4 sen) posted an impressive Qeps of 5.4 sen
Declares an interim dv of 2.5 sen going ex. 28th August.
Price has moved from 1.55 to current 1.75 range.. Trending towards RM1.90 ??