Remember the LORD for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth and so confirms his covenant... Deut. 8:18

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Generous Taiko

Heard this piece of news and I thought, "wow, such a big fella (tai lo) with bigness of mind, heart and character."

A man purportedly an unlicensed money lender (aka. Ah Long) went to Citibank and asked the fund manager to invest a redundant sum of RM 100,000 in whatever financial instrument she thinks will bring him gain within a year. Accordingly the girl invested the amount into some unit trust fund and yielded a RM 3,000 profit.

Upon monetising his investment, he gave a gratuity of RM 500 to the girl who was bewildered by that generous act. Isn't this cool..? Now this is one guy who really moves money...


Kris said...

But this is the same guy who squeeze loaners with high interest rates to rake the RM100K in the first place :P

Remnant 888 said...

Ha ha, you're absolutely correct.
Yet he was just filling a market need/demand/niche for easy loan/money where our financial institution failed (in micro-financing).

Sadly but true to yr words, desperate lenders was willing or coerced to bow down to his ludicrous terms.

The good side of this tale tells us that as traders/ investors who have gained from the market to have a bigness of heart and be benevolent. Cheers Kris...