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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cepat Wawasan Plantation. Punting

A friend took a very very large position in Cepat W Plantation at Monday 5pm closing price of RM1.60 and asked me for my opinion. I didn't have the details at that time so I'll post on blog later.
And here it is: Cepat fully mature planted area is 7,700ha, issued shares 215.46m ( nta 169, Q/Q 2.7/ 2.5/ 1.3/ 4.1 ) Fv = RM1.06 Trading at RM1.60 w/ PE 15.1
I dont know how far it can go but here's some guide: RM1.70 @ PE 16, RM1.80 @ PE 17, RM2 @ PE 19
This posting will be deleted in 2 days..


CP said...


Technically he is ONE day late. Broken resistance at 1.44 last thu. Today(or tmr) is a SELL to me as a trader as RSI reaching 79 now. I sold my THPlant at 2.14which bought at 1.90 on Thu as it is overbought.

Today, I moved in Kwantas in the morning. TSH chart is certainly better than Cepat since being too late.

Anyway, wish him luck.


Remnant 613 said...

Thanks Teh for TA.

Agreed on TSH chart TA. FA it's poised to go much higher to 320. TSH share price is very sensitive to CPO price increase as its issued shares is only 414m. Cf to IJMP, HSP 800m. TSH CPO sensitivity rating is 43 sen.

There's another Sabah planter NPC. Share issued only 120m so share price is also sensitive to CPO.
CPO sensitivity is 25 sen cf. to Kwantas 29 sen.
Wish u gain in Kwantas.

CP said...


Yup, will move into TSH tmr instead of BStead. I only grabbed a little of Kwantas(lower queues not done). Will top it up tmr while seeing IJMPlant to breaking resistance with huge volume today.

Thanks, buddy.

Good luck to you too.