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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kwantas. Earnings recovery

Kwantas Plantation. Shares issued 311.68m ( nta RM3.09, Q/Q eps 4.7/ 1.3/ 5.3/ 2.5) Fv = RM1.38 Now trading in RM1.80 range w/ PE 13
A very productive plantation in Lahad Datu w/ total planted area of 15,772 ha.
Nov 2010 ffb= 37,956 mt. Annual projection= 36,000 x 12 = 432,000 mt or 27.3 mt of ffb/ha
Wow, that's higher than Sabah's average of 23 or national avg of 20. Will I take a position..?


CP said...


I do not check much on Kwantas, a small plantation counter(Sabah).

One question : Why RHB-Invest shown its PE at 133 level? They have not update its earnings?



Remnant 613 said...

FYE Jun 2010, EPS = 1.4
So PER 180/1.4 = 129
RHB used PER end Jun 2010.

I use four recent quarterly EPS to compute my PE.
Q eps and YE 2011 eps should do better than 2010. Look at 2011 1st Qeps 2.47 which is better than the whole of 2010 of 1.4

Surprisingly very productive cos' Sabah soil is more fertile than S'wak.
Nov 2010 ffb = 37,956mt. Annual yield projection = 36000x12/15772ha = 27.3mt/ha which is greater than Sabah's Avg of 23 and National Avg of 20