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Friday, January 14, 2011

Strategy for 2011

Investors may have to get used to a tight range or sideway trading after the recent rally. Making money in this climate isn't easy yet here's what some portfolio managers say:
1).. For near term, the strategy is to find entry points into a market that appears overbought but is likely to trend higher. Buy "on the dip" mentality has returned to stock investors and that will be the best strategy going forward.
2).. For medium term, be enthuastic at (growth) companies that meet earnings number from raised revenues and bottom line profits through production, rather than cost-cutting. These are companies that will consistently outperfom post earning-announcement.
3).. The risky business of timing a sector or stocks that has become unpopular on bad news or downgrade has become popular. Many traders are waiting for a bottom (fishing) to find a way in to have a 10 to 20 % upside.
4).. Finding pockets of strength will be the best strategy while buying across the broader market to outperform will be difficult.
While it's reasonable that market may reverses a little, many still see it as opportunity to get an entry/buy into the market ( CNBC 2011).

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