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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hap Seng.

Hap Seng closed at RM 5.31 on Thurs 14th July. Adjusted price on Fri 15th = (RM 5,310 + RM1.05 x 600)/ 3600 shares = RM 1.65/ share

A friend KH asked if he should continue buying Hap Seng shares. Consider he has collected shares from 6.10 to 5.30 with average RM5.70, with earlier dividend of 20.5 sen. His base cost of 1 share is now 5.50 just 20 sen from closing price 5.31 on Thursday 14th July.
His adjusted share price = (5700 + 1.05x600)/ 3600 = RM 1.76
At current market value of RM 1.65, his loss is 6.7 %
Hap Seng's dividend this Aug should narrow the loss.

Here's a guide in percentage of mkt share price slump from RM1.76: At 10% (RM1.60), 15% (RM1.53), 20% (RM1.46)

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