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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Affordable Housing

Thought of the day:
How will the recent initiatives (PRIMA) by the Federal Gov't to provide more affordable medium cost homes and the land provision by Penang State Gov't to build affordable dwelling in the mainland impact the housing industry and property developer in Selangor and Penang...?
Positive or negative for property sector..?
Beneficiary: Building materials sector, construction sector.

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CheahSweeKuan said...

It wont make a dent in the prices of the property market. You know how the govt people work. High cost due to corruption and the contractors will cut corners and the result is a dwelling with no value. They will build in some odd location and it will, be over time ,turned into a low cost flat. You can put in a lot of controls such as no re-sale for x years and so on but buying a home is not all about pricing only.