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Monday, June 23, 2014

Recent Trades:

Sold shares in WCT, Crescendo, MKH, KPS and Efficient..
Sold completely all YTLP and waiting for another plunge..
Let's watch and see if KPS (nta 222, Qeps 4.9/ 46/ -2.7/ 4.7) ever fall back to RM1.55 range
Decent gain from recent trades but not an awful lot.
Bought shares in KSL, HapSeng, IGB Reit, SunReit, PavReit and Malton..
Missed taking  position in Pantech

The following shares price rises on positive news of its landbanks and its steady recurring income:
Daiman rises from RM3.50 to RM3.80 (go read The Daily Edge's article on 17th June)
KSL up from RM2.17 to RM2.28 (ref. The Edge's article on KSL dd 23rd June). Should accumulate more of KSL shares..
Tambun moves from RM2.08 to RM2.18 today.

Scientex (nta 310, Qeps 13.7/ 13.8/ 13.3/ 15.3/16.4) declares a dv of 8c going ex. 17th July
It should cross the RM6.00 resistance easily when its second dividend is announced..
HapSeng continues its ascent from RM3.26 to RM3.56 over a two weeks period
It has a dv of 10c going ex 3rd July.. 
If it can keep up the half yearly dv of 10c, share price could hit RM4

My position in Reits has made some decent gain with SunReit giving the best return at RM1.45
Waiting for PavReit to catch up from RM1.37
IGB Reit is a good buy at this range of RM1.22


Kris said...

Market correction seems to coming.. The question is when.

Remnant 888 said...

And traders will be delighted for such opportunity to come