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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Earnings Season: Paramount

Paramount (nta 221, Q/Qeps 4.4/ 3.2/ 4.1/ 4.3/ 5.8 sen) latest Qeps at 5.8 sen is pretty good..
Did anyone realises that its shares price plunge from RM1.64 to RM1.48 on Friday but have since recovered to RM1.60 on Monday...
RM1.90 seems like a target price. Paying dv of 5.5 c gong ex on 11th June..
Guess everyone was watching the shares price plunges of and buying in YTL@ RM1.63, YTLP@ RM1.50, Padini @ RM1.90 and Hap Seng @ RM3.09...

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