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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Want to learn how to trade the market..?

For those who want to learn the basic of Technical Analysis, here's a blogger who can offer you some help. Go visit Fees are reasonably charged by dividing RM150/ hour over the number of person and spread over weeks of guidance.. I personally reco this guy..!

Don't be fooled by others who claim to be be able to teach you in hours.. I know of someone who paid RM 2,000 to a forex trainer to tutor his daughter for a two hours lesson just on basic of technical analysis alone and it doesn't even include an understanding of forex. For crying out loud, how does one comprehend TA in merely two hours of exposure, let alone the girl is just 20 years old.. I get furious when I hear scam like this, capitalizing on the unprepared gullible public. C'mon you don't impose thousands in two hours. Who the heck you think you're, one of the gambling gods..?

It doesn't take much time to get yourself acquainted with Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, given the massive information available on forex trading websites, blogsites, youtubes and trader's webpage via the internet, mostly free of charge.
The only time you should consider parting with your hard earned cash, is when you actually take up a time/session with an experienced investor/ trader or trainer/tutor who preferably has minimum 3 years of exposure in the financial market (3 years is fair period to ride thru market peak and trough).


CP said...

morning bro

haha ... thanks for promoting me!! Actually, I am lack of experiences in markets and teaching trading. I shall overcome that short-comes with my dedications!!

Thanks. Owe u a dinner, ya.


Remnant 888 said...

Don't worry , bro.

Repetition is the mother of all skills.

I trust you to do well...
Best regards to yr lovely wife and kids..
Be happy always..

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