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Thursday, September 15, 2011

KLCI under intense pressure again

Most of the guys I asked today said that they're going to sell, sell, sell despite holding onto defensive blue-chip companies stocks. This seeem to be the prevalent sentiment that's striking terror in the hearts of even those who a fortnight ago were not even agitated by the Euro crisis.
So it seems like even the brave hearted are now striken by fear of losing their gains.

For some who are considering into buying into Tenaga shares (nta 532, QQ 9/ 16/ 14/ -8 sen), I say, be cautious until there is some glimpse that electricity tariff gets another hike. With the cost of fuel (coal and gas) on the high side, this will erode the financial bottom line further.

Instead why not buy TM shares at below RM 4..? Its earning (QQ 12/ 11/ 5/ 4 sen ) is still not that fabulous but there's the growth story of the HSBB (high speed broadband) which is partially paid/subsidised by the Gov't.. With a guaranteed minimum of 13 sen (9.8 sen net) dividend paid out every six months, this is one to have as your core investment.
Punt and trade on this one below RM 4 if ever it plunges... Happy investing...

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