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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Still Buying

Market may take a dip, come Monday and Tuesday. I'll be buying.
A firm buy for me, the following counters:
TM, Axiata, MayBk, CIMB, Supermax, GenM, TDM, HunzPty, Lion Ind
That's because I'm purchasing on "averaging up" .
I have these in my existing holding at much lower prices.

CIMB was a recent acquistion at recent high: like it for its regional reach, deals, book making, Thai IPO (for dividend repayment..?), bonus issue 1:1. Hold for 3 years, double up...?

Still like MayBk, because everyone I meet hates MayBk.
Good Q eps, PER trailing that of CIMB and Public Bk.
A wise person once told me that banks are the life lines of the country's economy.

Sectors I like in 2010: banks, utility, healthcare, property & construction, building materials

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