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Monday, May 13, 2013

Another stock to load your portfolio

Here's another stock you should load into your portfolio:-

Paramount (207, 4/ 4.4/ 4.4/ 4) Paying a dv 5c on 11th Jun
Annual dv 3c + 5c = 8 sen, dv yield 8/160 = 5 % reasonable > FD
Limited downside, expect it to take RM1.80 in near future..

22nd May- Latest Qeps is 4.4c
Share price did surge to RM1.78 recently but has settled to 1.71 under selling presure in the last two days


lofan73 said...

hi remnant..

still can accumulate at ths stage cos revenue will increase in the next few qtrs. Ths is due to the property sales from utropolis. expected to launch soon and dont suprise wif the response from the public. the first few blocks expected to be sold out.

Remnant 888 said...

Hi Lofan73
Share price has moved from 160 to 170.
Maybe I should be looking to get a unit of utropolis too. Thanks for the tip...