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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Telco Axiata, TM, Digi, Maxis

Axiata (nta 228, Q/Qeps -4/ 6/ 8/ 7 sen) Fv 280. Now trading at RM4.75 @ pe 17, Dv 14 sen Dy 3%
TM (nta 177, Q/Q 11.2/ 4.6/ 3.6/ 8.4 sen) Fv 250. Now trading at RM 4.82 @ pe 19, Dv 23 sen Dy 4.8%
Digi (nta 018, Q/Q 4.3/ 3.1/ 3.8/ 5.1 sen) Fv 170. Now trading at RM 4.11 @ pe 24, Dv 17.5 sen Dy 4.26%
Maxis (nta 1.03, Q/Q 8.1/ 7.2/ 7.3/ 7.2 sen) Fv 300. Now trading at RM 5.70 @ pe 19, Dv 40 sen Dy 7%

Remarks: Axiata will cross RM 5 range once they start paying better dividends ...
TM looks pricely now with the run-up from RM4 level to current. RM5 level is what I considered fully valued (see my previous posting). I think there's no more capital repayment in the pipeline so investors will likely just get 9.8sen tax exempted every six months which will give a yield of 4 %. It's a sell if it ever matches Maxis share price ...
Digi has gone ballistic after the share split and announcement of latest Qeps of 5.1sen and dv of 6.5 sen. Based of trailing quaterly eps and dv payout, it's pe is the highest with Dy = (4.3+3.0+3.7+6.5)/ 411 = 4.26% low. Its next Qeps & dv will be interesting to look at. If it can sustain its Quarterly dv 6.5 sen, then Dy = (6.5 x 4/ 411) = 6.3%
Maxis hasn't really breakout from its RM5.20 to 5.70 range and I would recommend buying some purely for dividends. Hold a year or two and see if it could follow the footsteps of Digi (I held Digi for two years). Don't worry too much about downside if you buy at RM5.60- 5.70 cos' one year's dividend will bring your cost to RM5.20 (lower range).
Besides 7% dy is twice your FD rates. Even if you dont make any money first year on Maxis, your second year gain makes up for two years FD gain. Make sense ..?
Happy investing ya ...

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