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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Other Side of Apple - Must see for anyone who has an iPod or iPhone!


Kris said...

If this were to happen in the US, one word: class action suits.

I bet this gets viral, it could implode similar to Nike's previous issue of using child labor in its Asian factories.

LCF said...

Yea, that's why Apple shoved it to China.
I wonder if the chemical residue gets transfered to consumer too, say, exposed to high temperature..

Remnant 888 said...

Well, I do hope this do get viral and get some attention from the Apple guys.
I think it's a matter of time that people will start to realise the cost of human life and dignity to modernity, be it technological advances or over-zealous consumption..
Don't we all look forward to the next techno leap of Apple, Blackberry or upgrades of our PC gadgets come Christmas and New Year...
Guess this'll provoke our thoughts abt next purchase/upgrade..!

And yes I do suspect some chemicals do get released. Remember the time when you first unbox and switch on your new electronic gadgets for couple of hours..?
Or the first time you drive home a brand new car..?