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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gold Investment Account. Gold Coin

AUD, SGD retracing along with price slide in oil, silver and gold...
Those who're contemplating on investing in gold can do so by opening a gold investment account with the following banks with their respective sell and buy back prices:
CIMB RM 1,485 / 1,442 (sell/buy spread = 1485/1442 = 3 %)
MBB RM 1,489 / 1,428 (ditto = 4.3 %)
PBB RM 1,493 / 1,435 (ditto = 4 %)

Or take up physical 1 oz (31.1 gm) gold coin with sell/ buy prices:
UOB Gold Maple Leaf at RM 4,751 / RM 4,566 (spread = 4.1 %)
Make sure your coin is embossed 9999 purity ( four 9, not 999)
MBB Kijang Gold at RM 4,813 sell / RM 4,646 buy back (ditto = 4 %)
A good entry point is when gold spot price goes below USD 1,500/oz


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