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Friday, March 11, 2011

The Average Investor's Allocation

What's the holding of the typical investor in the stock market, I wonder..?
A couple of close frens was kind enough to allow me to get a gauge of their position, merely for brief comparison. Two questions; what's their Return on Investment and current cash holding..?

CP invested since March 2009 and trade the stock market weekly. He gradually built up his initial investment capital to a peak of RM 320,000. Since reducing his stocks holdings over the past months, his current shares value is RM 281,000 and cash in hand is RM 126,000 totalling RM 407,000.
Gain = 407/320= 1.27 or (407-320)/320= 27% or RM87,000
Note: his cash position = 40% of initial capital (320k) or 30% (total 407k)

LE only started trading the market in 2010 with capital of RM 198,000. Since then, she has also trimmed her positions in the market and is holding RM 70,000 cash and RM 156,000 in stocks, total RM 226,000.
Gain = 226/198 = 1.14 or (226-198)/198 = 14% or RM 28,000
Note: her cash position = 35% of initial capital (198k) or 31% (226k)

In comparison, my return incl. dividends = 24%, current cash holding = 38% of initial capital.
What is yours like..?

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