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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Check on TM & Axiata Earnings

TM (nta RM 2.07, Q/Q eps 5.1sen, 4.8sen, 6.9sen, 3.5sen in August). Earning in August not that great, dropped by 50%... Trading at PE 20 is expensive..!
Let's see if new Uni-Fi subscriptions can improve near future earning.

Axiata (nta RM 2.23, Q/Q eps 6 sen, 7sen, 11sen, 7 sen in August). Quarterly earning declined by 35%... Trading at PE 15... Will buy on dips..

While USD has tumbled against most currencies, other currencies has strengthen more than MYR. Few months back AUD used to be 2.8 MYR, SGD was 2.3 MYR. Now they have move up to almost 3.1 and 2.4 respectively. What does this tells me...?
AUD and USD is close to parity... Could it be flight to commodity currencies, carry trade to higher yielding currencies.....?

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