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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Market Outlook: Buyers Fatigue

Buyers are losing interest in the market. Sellers are taking profit off the table.
It's a condition labelled as "buyers' fatigue" as buyers see limited upside on the share prices and huge potential fall in prices.
Considering the reward/ risk ratio of 1:1, I would not be interested to purchase anything at the moment and would look to sell on price action rally .


KS said...

at this level can we collect
axiata, esso and plantation stocks
thank u and best rgds

Remnant 613 said...

i bought axiata at 3.07 to hold long term. will buy in more when price stabilises.

i like axiata for regional reach (indonesia and india), yes buy at 2.90 and 2.80 level, meaning break yr purchase into several tranches. suspect maxis IPO may cause a little slide in axiata price but i may be wrong. maxis is listing its local (malaysian) operation and keeping regional for their own gain. yes buy some axiata, some digi (dividend-long term) and maxis (ditto)

esso is good for dividend play and long term hold, its cheaper than shell and petDag. buy keep for life if you can, ha ha and seriously..

yes buy plantation stocks cos' it's sustainable biz. but price action is slow moving at the moment...

Remnant 613 said...

consider steel, construction and property stocks too...