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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time for Rebalancing My Portfolio

Back from Korea, enjoyed the weather, people and the fantastic deal I got from the currency exchange of 1,000KW to RM 2.86, compared to RM3.93 I paid last year. Korean Won is seen to be on the uptrend. Buy and hold will make you handsome gain. Stayed in Sofitel Ambassador Hotel at Namsan (clean air) and Seoul Olympic Parktel in Gangnam (amazing view of Olympic Village landscape). Good break.......

Now that I'm back, I'm getting the feel of the sentiment of the local stock market for the past 2 weeks by reading my favourite list of blogger's site. Bloggers are such a wonderful lot to thank for. I've always appreciate the time, effort and energy they've put into sharing their thoughts with the blogging community.

Cautiously optimistic, I'll buy into the market. My current shares/ cash ratio is 60/40 and I'll increase my shares holding upto 90%.
Current holdings = Axiata, BJtoto, DIGI, GenM, HSPlant, Hubline, LionDiv, MBB, QL Reso, TDM, THPlant, TM
Sold = AnnJoo, Axiata (part), IJMLand, QL (part)
Opinion = still overweight on property, resorts, building materials, telecommunication, power generation. Loves Axiata, Digi, GPacket, AnnJoo, SouthSteel, LionInd, Kinsteel, LeaderU, YTLCement, IGB, IJMLand, E & O, Maybulk, YTLPower

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