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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Those Buying Gold in Non-US Dollars

Gold spot price at USD 915.
Physical Gold Maple Leaf (GML) quoted at USD 957, i.e. additional USD 42 for minting the gold into coins.
Translating that into Ringgit Malaysian, price = 957 x 3.59 = 3,436

When buying gold, always be aware of both the directions of gold price in USD and your country currency exchange rate.
Either a weak gold price in USD or a weak US dollar will lower price of gold price in Ringgit. Conversely a strong gold price in USD and a strong dollar (weak ringgit) will ensure more Ringgit to buy gold.

With USD/RM steady at 3.59 and gold price in USD trending up, those who bought in earlier have gain. But continue to watch directions of both gold and US dollar. If one goes up more than the other goes down, then your earning is still positive.

If you possessed gold holdings, treat it like an overseas biz venture in US dollars. International gold price trend up means your asset appreciates in value and a weak ringgit will bring more earnings back. Strong ringgit will pinches your earnings.

UOB selling GML at RM3,436
Physical Gold Coin Kijang at RM3,490

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