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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sector Rotation Says Bearish

One of our readers asked where we are in the Sector Rotation Model. That model shows the normal sector rotation that takes place at various stages in the business cycle. The chart shows that basic materials and energy are market leaders at a market peak. As the economy starts to slow, money starts to rotate out of those two inflation-sensitive groups. Basic materials peak first and energy last. This week's downturn in basic material stocks suggests that the topping process is moving even further along. Energy may be the next to roll over. As the economy slows, money flows into consumer staples, healthcare services, and utilities. That's where we appear to be right now. One way we can tell that a bottom is near is when money starts to flow into financial and consumer discretionary stocks. So far, there's no sign of that happening. That leaves us in the midst of a bear market with money flowing toward staples, healthcare, and utilities.
John Murphy

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